Welcome to The Dawn of a New Era
Welcome to The Dawn of a New Era

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Life Happens…


» Hi ARO»Boy, What’cha listening to.

Or rather, to whom are you listening?
» Kyla La Grange’s first album. It’s called Ashes.
» Is it any good?
» Would I be listening if it weren’t, Dumb Human?
» You are the most sarcastic dog I’ve ever talked to.
» You mean ‘the most sarcastic dog to whom I have ever talked,’ don’t you?
» I rest my case. I’m atta here!
» Quick question before you go…?
» What is it?!
» Exactly how many dogs, sarcastic or otherwise, do you talk to on a regular basis, if you don’t mind me asking?
» I DO mind you asking!
» Fine, just don’t be chucking me the one-fingered salute over the shoulder on the way out, you… human, you!


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The Kyla Connection:

 An ARO»Rocks feature

Valentine’s Day:

Did you get love?


So who was this dude, St. Valentine, anyway? And how did he become the harbinger of the annual day of love, hearts, flowers, facefulls of cream-filled bonbons and all the other cool crap that his date of birth is known for?

Well, it seems he was a Roman Catholic priest in the time of Claudius II. You know, that lecherous defiler of all things pure and good? Well, he decreed that young soldiers were not to marry because it was not good for the whole running-around-killing-people business, if such happened to be your vocation.

« We’ll pick this up inside… »




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New London Grammar!

Released June 4, 2017: new video for  Oh Woman Oh Man, from the new album, Truth Is A Beautiful Thing.




Annie Lennox ≈ {Drawn}

Women’s Ware II (1:57:05)

Live (sorta) in the ARO»Rocks Bandshell!

Band #1

Band #2

Band #3

Big Stevie’s hiding ^ in button… along with Ol’ Doc Gris-gris himself…

Four years in the making!

ARO: Ready, Aimed… Firing


This place is all about the merging of two art forms:

animation (mostly students’ homework) and classic rock music —

from the early ’60s to today’s Billboard Top 50… and beyond.

It is the brainchild of Donald,

erstwhile editor and wannabe author.


(If “commitment issues” assign novel-writing a low probability

of success, blogging should be a worthy substitute, right?)


That’s what HE figured, so he asked himself: What are ya,

messed up? What’cha gonna blog about, genius?

How your shoe size matches your IQ?


And then it came to him, almost like a private FB message

in a chat window directly from… (wait for it!…)

The Man Upstairs (!)


Woot (rhymes with foot), you mean God?

Hush, fool! The guy in the unit above me is all.

Has better connections, so… His stuff's way more potent

— And IMpotent (sorry, typo: meant IMportant, of course.)


Welcome, then, to The ARO Blog:

Mysteries of the Universe Unravelled…

Decoded… What…EVER! Stay tuned:


This is IMpotent Stuff Here, Straight— (Woot?)

OK, Direct then… from The Man Upstairs!


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